Sex Scandal Rocks Uganda Airlines As Juicy Air Hostess Goes On Romping Spree, Fights For Gologo

Sex Scandal Rocks Uganda Airlines As Juicy Air Hostess Goes On Romping Spree, Fights For Gologo

By Ivan Mwine

There is a vicious war raging on at the recently resurrected national carrier Uganda Airlines, where two sexy babes are said to be fighting over a flight Instructor at the airport.

According to our Moles at Entebbe Airport, the love war is raging on between two babes; one has since been identified as Sofia  Mashindano aka Shirley, a cabin crew hostess, and the other is a one Claire.

We are told that Claire and Sofia are fighting for supremacy rights over the loaded Nigerian’s Gologo,  although he seems to be juggling them like tennis balls.

Shirley (R) together with her colleagues on duty

It is said however that when Sofia learnt about Claire’s cozy rendezvous with the Nigerian, she attacked her over the weekend and the two engaged in a fierce fist bar brawl at Riders Bar in Entebbe.

Our sources reveal that Sofia confronted Claire, whom she bumped into while at the bar and immediately charged at her like a wounded beast, demanding to know why she can’t back off her man.

Moles intimate that they were later separated by bouncers who threw her out of the  bar as she hurled insults at all the revelers which were emphasized with ‘F’ words.

It is said that after being thrown out of the bar, Sofia, who had assured all revelers in the bar about how she is highly connected to State House, sped off in anger but unfortunately  got involved in an accident around Katabi township, after she knocked a pedestrian, before rolling her car.

According to Moles, she was later arrested by traffic cops who towed away her car, before they booked her into Entebbe Police Station, only to be rescued by a flight Captain of the newly imported UG Airlines Airbus the next day.

Gorgeous Shirley wearing a coy smile

According to pals, Sofia has been so close to this Captain for some time to the extent that he is said to be the father of her kid.

However, other sources contend that Sofia’s kid was fathered by a senior military officer at the Entebbe Airport based Air Base, and to date the two men are still squabbling over the true paternity of the kid.  

Following her nasty accident, we are told Sofia has since gone on sick leave for about three months as her colleagues at the airport get to terms with the news of her bar sex brawl, since many of them have since shared the gossip among themselves.  

Watch the space for updates about this developing story.

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