Sex Video Of Pallaso’s Dubai Based Slay Queen Brenda Miles Leaks

Sex Video Of Pallaso’s Dubai Based Slay Queen Brenda Miles Leaks

By Ivan Mwine

A sex video of singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso’s Dubai based slay queen cum fanatic fan identified as Brenda Miles has leaked.

According to footage in the  video that our Moles have watched, Brenda is seen being literally eaten by a yet to be identified dude, who happens to be one of the men on her long list of bonkmates.
The dude first eats Brenda Miles from the bathroom

At first the dude is seen eating her from the bathroom, after which they head to bed for a steamy marathon.

The footage in Brenda’s kinky video is so graphic that even our Moles have found it very difficult to verbally explain all of it.

They later go to bed for another marathon

It should be noted that before she relocated to Dubai, Brenda was one of the most popular Kampala slay queens and a video vixen, reason she is known to a number of musicians, among Pallaso and Eddy Kenzo.

Pallaso with Brenda Miles in Dubai

Actually, Brenda is so deeply involved with Pallaso that a few months back when he flew to Dubai  to perform at the concert she was the one who welcomed him at the airport.

Later, on the night Pallaso performed, the two  staged very kinky dance moves that simulated a bonking marathon and he ended up exposing her knickers.

Brenda checks out her assets after the marathon

Word from our Moles is that after the concert that night, Brenda reportedly hosted Pallaso to steamy fun-filled night and catered for all his needs until he returned to Uganda.

Brenda Miles relaxing, seemingly pondering the next move

It is  however not yet clear what line of business Brenda is exactly doing in Dubai, although what is certain is that she is slaying and partying without any restraint.

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