Sex War: Wife Nabs Top Entebbe Doctor Drilling Nurse In Office, Clobbers Them To Pulp

Sex War: Wife Nabs Top Entebbe Doctor Drilling Nurse In Office, Clobbers Them To Pulp

By Ivan Mwine

A mother of all sex wars erupted at St. Louis Hospital in Kitooro Entebbe, after Dr. James Kalule, who owns the medical facility, was nabbed pants down by his wife Lillian Kalule, allegedly drilling a nurse inside his office.

Moles in Entebbe reveal that  patients  had scatter out while neighbours collected around the hospital after the vicious sex war erupted.

It is said that Dr. Kalule has for a long time been ‘piercing’ two nurses at the Hospital with his relentless monstrous Needle, especially whenever Lillian, who  is cased in London, UK, was not around.

Vicious Lillian Kalule who nabbed them pants down

Moles however reveal that after learning about the hubby’s restless appetite for piercing his Nurses, she  planted a spy at the Hospital, who would often update her about their romping marathons.

The Spy did a very good job feeding Lillian with the details about Kalule and his rendezvous with nurses, until during the weekend when she managed to pounce on them unawares.

Dr. Jamems Kalule

The Moles reveal that left Lillian home heading for work, yet he had plotted to have a bonking marathon with one of his side-dishes identified as nurse Mercy Kilabiira since weekends are not usually so busy.

However, little did he know that Lillian was stalking him and no sooner had he unleashed his Zubra to sart piercing Mercy than his wife stormed into his office.

What followed the moment she entered the office can only be compared to a battle zone according to eyewitnesses, because almost in office was virtually destroyed while Kalule and Mercy ended up with scratches, punches, bites, kicks, to mention but a few.

Nurse Mercy Kilabira who was nabbed

Moles reveal that by the time Lillian left the medical facility both Kalule and Mercy were bleeding profusely and as you read this,  they are nursing wounds.

But as if that is not enough, we have since established that Mercy, who is said to be four months’ preggers,  is not the only nurse that Kalule is piercing at the Hospital.

Moles intimate that he is also drilling another nurse identified as Alum Mary Rufina, whom he reportedly ballooned too, although this one is reportedly clashing with Mercy over his Zubra.

It should be noted that Kalule and Lillian, who  was the Miss Uganda UK 2002, have been married for 13 years and have two tots together,  although she decided to distance herself from him after learning about his endless bonking marathons with    nurses.

However, our efforts to secure a comment from Dr Kalule about this matter were futile by press time because he couldn’t be reached through the hospital’s telephone lines.

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