Sexpest Pastor Yiga Finally Kicks Bucket,  His Litany Of Sins Exposed

Sexpest Pastor Yiga Finally Kicks Bucket,  His Litany Of Sins Exposed


By Mable Nakibuuka


Controversial  city Pastor Augustine Yiga aka Abizayo, of Kawala based Christian Revival Church, has finally died for real, after being reported dead several times only for him to turn up alive.

Pastor Yiga’s death was confirmed by the management of his ABS TV on Monday night and although they didn’t reveal that actual cause of his death, Yiga has been bedridden at Nsambya Hospital for a long time with a strange terminal illness.

ABS TV management confirmed Pastor Yiga’s death

However, although he has finally gone to meet his creator, it should be noted that Yiga, who was jailed a few months ago over his claims that COVID-19 doesn’t exist, has left earth after committing a litany of sins, despite having claimed to be a man of God, because his life was characterised by endless sex scandals and accusations of using Juju, some of which we reveal below;


Yiga Vs Nabbi Omukazi and Berna Namisinga

A blistering sex scandal engulfed Yiga’s church after his former choir member cum lover Maggie Kayima aka Nabbi  Omukazi accused him not only sexually exploiting her but also trying to rape her sister Namisinga.

Kayima, a gospel singer who dragged Yiga to police then, had been working  at Yiga’s church with her sister Namisinga  for a long time, shocked the nation when they came out and accused him of several  sexually exploiting girls and his church and the exposure was meant  to stop from preying on other innocent souls.

Actually, Kayima then alleged that Yiga had infected a lot of girls at his church with a deadly disease. Kayima and Namisinga have since gone into oblivion.


Hajjat Madinah Nambooze Katusiime aka Bibuuuza

She was once one of Uganda’s popular musician because of her very touching love songs after she was propelled to stardom by her ‘Bibuuza’ hit single.

However, Hajjat Madinah’s music career was cut short after she developed a strange illness while at pastor Yiga’s church.  Just like many of his victims, Hajjat Madinah also accused Yiga of abandoning her for dead after infecting her, allegations he denied.

Madinah, who had been stranded in hospital slowly wasting away because she couldn’t afford medical bills, was later rescued by Mama Fina, singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool, pastor Robert Kayanja and other Good Samaritans who took her into their care. She still lives, although her music career died a natural death.


Yiga Rapes, Infects Brenda Nalubega

The horny pastor was a few years back accused by another woman who used to pray at his church, of raping, ballooning her and infecting her with a deadly disease.  The woman identified as Brenda Nalubega, who passed on a few years back, dragged Yiga to Central Police Station (CPS) where she filed her allegations, although he denied and was freed.

Nalubega suffered with the deadly disease and her child until she later died. The whereabouts of her son who she claimed Yiga had abandoned her with remain unknown to date.


Yiga Arrested For Raping Church Member

Last year, Yiga  was arrested shortly after returning from South Africa over allegations of raping and impregnating one of his followers and later abandoning her with the child.

Yiga was arrested by the police in Kawempe after a woman identified as Angel Ainembabazi, who hails from Bushenyi,  accused him of passing the Holy Spirit through her private parts and allegedly ballooning her. Ainembambazi told the police that “He promised to pray for me at night, undress me and chase away the ghosts. At around 2:00AM, Yiga touched me and pushed me. I fell on the bed. He overpowered me and raped me.”

Ainembabazi claims that she later produced a child who has no private parts but Yiga refused to give her any assistance for the child.

However, when he was dragged to Kawempe police, Yiga denied Ainembabazi’s allegations, claiming that she had  been set up by his enemies who are fellow pastors.


Yiga’s Wife Flees Due To Sex Scandals

The number of Yiga’s women is still unknown. But in 2016 he hooked another woman  identified as Julie Namutebi, who introduced him to her parents at a clolourful ceremony that was held at their home in Mukono.

However, a few years down the road, Yiga and his wife developed marital woes that forced her to flee their home after she started clashing with a former ABS TV presenter identified as Aisha, who used to host the Kalondozi program.

Yiga’s wife Julie Namutebi (L) clashed with Aisha (c) and Faridah (R) over his Wire

It was not long before Namutebi learnt that Aisha was again feuding with another babe only identified as Faridah still over Yiga’s Wire.

Moles reveal that Namutebi realized that Yiga had a voracious for Sompyo and an untamable horn, she reportedly fled his crib and since then they have been in an on and off relationship.

However, it should be noted that there are several girls who came out over the years to accuse Yiga of sexual exploitations, although none of them ever received  justice.

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