Sexual Harassment: Shocking Truth Why Songbird Neliah Fell Out With Promoter Nyk Emerges

Sexual Harassment: Shocking Truth Why Songbird Neliah Fell Out With Promoter Nyk Emerges

By Ivan Mwine

Very disturbing secrets about why songbird Neliah is no longer on good terms with her former manager  Zandya Fred Nyk who is  popularly known as Nyk, of Nyk Promotionz Agency, have emerged.

Sources close to Neliah, who is set to drop a new  video dubbed ‘deep In Love’ reveal that before she got signed up by Black Market Records the singer was under the management of Nyk Promotionz.

Moles reveal that according to their management deal, Nyk had agreed to cater for things like studio expenses, transport and was responsible for Neliah’s wellbeing.

The Moles reveal however that along the way, Nyk shocked Neliah by deciding to mix business with pleasure after he started demanding for her Sumbie.

Gorgeous songbird Neliah Kansiime

It is said that life because so difficult for Neliah during the time she was under Nyk’s management and that whenever she tried to reject his advances, he would resort to using force.

Moles reveal that the situation reached an extent whereby Nyk set a condition that he would not give Neliah a dime unless she gave in to his sexual demands.

“At times he would snarl at her saying thus; you say you don’t want me because you have a boyfriend. So tell your boyfriend to take you to studio and give you money,” a source who was at Nyk’s place in Kibuli  intimated to our reporter.

Promoter Nyk canoodling with Irene Ntale

“Sometimes when she turned down his sexual demands, he would become rough, back at her and treat the then budding singer so badly that a time reached when she couldn’t stomach it anymore,” the source added.

According to Moles, Nyk’s endless demand for Neliah’s Sumbie became so unbearable for Neliah that  she was forced to quit his promotions agency to pursue a solo career and fortunately enough that was when she caught the attention of Black Market Records, which gave her a recording deal that has since uplifted her music career.

However, our efforts to contact Nyk for a comment about this matter were still futile by press time because he couldn’t be reached through his known office telephone contacts.

But it should be noted that Neliah is not the only musician who has been sexually assaulted and  or exploited by their managers cum promoters.

Several other musicians, among them Sheebah Karungi, Vivian Tendo, have in the recent fallen out with their managers over allegations of sexual exploitation and harassment.

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