Sexy Diva Iryn Namubiru, Dancehall Star Sama  Sojah Passionately Close

Sexy Diva Iryn Namubiru, Dancehall Star Sama Sojah Passionately Close

By Mable Nakibuuka

Celebrated Ugandan diva Iryn Namubiru, who is one of the most talented female musicians in the country,  is too close for comfort with budding singer Tony Ivan Kizito aka Sama Sojah.

Our Moles reveal that Namubiru, who tells pals that she working on some music projects with the dancehall singer, is tight-marking him so much as if her happiness on earth depends entirely on hi presence in her ife.

As a result of their newfound closeness, Iryn is said to be hanging with Sama Sojah these days, whereby Moles intimate that whenever they hang out, she makes it her responsibility to cater for the bills.

As if  to show off their tight friendship to the rest of the world, Moles reveal that Iryn  was a few days ago spotted at one of the city salons, where she had taken Sama Sojah to have his dreadlocks dressed, after which they cruised away in her ride.

Known for his musical innovation and creativity, Ugandan born reggae/dancehall artiste Sama Sojah has led a prolific career and the sky is arguably the only the limit for him.

Iryn Namubiru dressing Sama Sojah’s dreadlocks at a city salon

His knack for lyrics and creating out-of-the-box musical dialogues while infusing traditional Ugandan music with afro-beats and dancehall reggae have shown his vast versatility and attracted prominent producers like Magic Washington for his hits like ‘Akaama’ , ‘Nyonyi nyange’ , ‘Gates of Zion’, ‘Money’ ‘Gakubirawo’ and others.

Among his many achievements beyond music, Sama Sojah has worked and composed music for singer  ‘Bebe Cool’ for projects like ‘Ndiwuwo’ and ‘Nsilikamu’, that rock the airwaves to date.

Sama Sojah’s love of serving his community is demonstrated through his philanthropic work as a human rights activist in Uganda and his music is dedicated to implementing sustainable programs that will improve education and health and the overall standard of living for the people in Uganda.

Sama Sojah is signed to RedZone Music and is working on new albums which will develop his reasoning series and offer fans a variety of his classic vibes with an electric twist that captivates his global audience.

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