Sexy MP Nyamutoro Too Tight With Eddy Kenzo After Lover Returns To America

Sexy MP Nyamutoro Too Tight With Eddy Kenzo After Lover Returns To America

By Ivan Mwine

Juicy National Youth Member of Parliament Phiona Nyamutoro is these days too tight for comfort with award winning musician Edirisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo.

Word from our Moles is that Nyamutoro and Kenzo, who  are both involved in totally different lines of business, are spending quality moments together these days, although it is not yet clear  what’s cooking between them.
Eddy Kenzo’s half-caste lover Belinda Myra Flukiger returned to America baking a bun

Moles intimate that Nyamutoro is at times seen being driven in Kenzo’s monster Land Cruiser VX departing from his crib in Buziga and some times they are spotted enjoying niceties  at top city hangouts.

It should be noted that Nyamutoro revealed during a radio interview that she would have been a dancer if she had not joined politics, which has left many of her fans and followers asking themselves whether she is dances for Kenzo whenever they are together at his crib.

Although they have not yet come out to publicly declare that there in any chemistry between them, it should be noted that Nyamutoro’s tightness with Kenzo comes at a time when his half-caste lover Belinda Myra Flukiger is away in America.   

Sexy Phiona Nyamutoro too tight with Kenzo

Moles reveal that Belinda, who was reportedly romping with Kenzo for the best part of last year especially during the COVID-19 lockdown, decided to return to America where she is based, after her visiting visa expired.

Concerned pals reveal that Belinda’s departure left a deep emptiness in Kenzo’s heart, on top of subjecting him to endless cold nights.

Belinda is the babe that had filled the vacuum that  Kenzo’s ex-wife Rema Namakula left behind when she dumped him and eloped with Dr. Hamza Ssebunya.

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