Sexy Musician Shucky  Spills Her Music And Love Secrets

Sexy Musician Shucky  Spills Her Music And Love Secrets

By  Mable Nakibuuka

Budding singer Shucky is one of Uganda’s sensational new talents on the music block. Her new  single ‘Tokyuusa Mbeera’ is already rocking airwaves in Uganda and beyond. She talked to Exposed Uganda, revealing all about her music career, love life and why she is still single. Here are the excerpts of the interview;

Qn: Can you please tell us about yourself?

Shucky: I’m Shakirah Nantongo  alias Shucky. I’m new artiste in Uganda aged 23, aiming for the stars.

Qn: what schools did you attend?

Shucky: I went to Buddo Junior for my primary, followed by St. Mary’s Kitende and Kyadondo S.S for my ‘O- Level. After that I went to Lubiri S.S for my A-Level and later finally Kyambogo University.

Qn: When did you start doing music?

Shucky: I can assure you that I have been singing for the biggest part of my life; ever since I was a child. But I started doing it professionally in 2018.

Sexy singer Shucky relaxing

Qn: What genre of music do you do?

Shucky: Well, I’m quite versatile but majorly  I do Afro beat and  urban zouk, that’s what I’m focusing on right now.

Qn: Have you recorded any songs so far?

Shucky: Yeah, quite a number of them, although  only one is officially out; it is titled ‘Tokyusa Mbeera.’ It was produced by BIT/Smarsh and video shot by Black Line.

Qn: Who or what inspired  you to do music?

Shucky: Well I can’t be particular but to sum it all up music itself  inspired me. I love music and doing it.

Qn: Can you please tell us about your love life; whether you’re single, searching or being searched?

Shucky: The focus is on the music as per now. But I can assure all my fans out there that I’m very single.

Qn: What do you find sexy about you?

Shucky: Well, that’s a broad question, but to break it down I must say I find my brain, eyes, lips, figure, the whole of me sexy.

Talented musician Shucky cuts a pose

Qn: Do you have a crush on any male Ugandan artiste?

Shucky: I have a lot of love for many Ugandan artistes and appreciate them so much but a crush on one is a No.

Qn: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Shucky: I see myself as a better artiste than I am today, in terms of my brand and sound. I also hope to  have spread my music and brand far by then.

Qn: Who produces your music?

Shucky: Well, I work with different producers for example Crouch, BIT, Smarsh, Axam on the beat,to mention but a few.

Qn: Have you compiled an album yet?

Shucky: An album?  Not yet.

Qn: Who writes your music?

Shucky: I do write my own music, although with the help of other good writers.

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