Jeff Kiwa’s Ex-Lover NTV Star Etania Parades 15Kg Mega Bonus Sumbie

Jeff Kiwa’s Ex-Lover NTV Star Etania Parades 15Kg Mega Bonus Sumbie

By Ivan Mwine
Popular NTV host Etania Mutoni aka Foreva Etania has proved to all and Sundry that she is indeed well-endowed down south, after she decided to parade a giganomous Sumbie that has left many of her male fans wagging tongues.

NTV star Etania shows off her Goodies

Etania, who co-hosts the Friday Night Mix show on NTV together with DJ Slick Stuart and others, has literally sparked off blistering scrotal eruptions all over the city after she shared pictures on social media in which she flaunts a bulging package that lies within her River Between.

Our In-house observers who have closely analysed Etania’s gigantically moulded Sumbie, which bulges like a sweet potato between her Thighland, have revealed that if put on a weighing scale of one to ten, the Thingie can weigh a  whooping 15Kg!
Sexy Etania flaunts her juicy Sumbie

It should be noted that besides her TV gig, Etania is a model cum dancer for hire, who was until recently said to have been Team No Sleep (TNS) manager Jeff Kiwanuka’s bonkmate.

Etania, who is one of Kampala’s renowned party animals, made headlines some time back after word circulated that she was beefing with celebrated singer Sheebah Karungi over Jeff Kiwa’s attention.

Etania relaxing after playing golf

Rumours circulated then that Etania waged a bitter war against Sheebah after she suspected her of being deeply involved with Jeff Kiwa.

The war against Sheebah was too vicious that on realising it was about to become bloody Sheebah decided to exit Jeff Kiwa’s camp and started managing her music career, although she still maintained some links with TNS because of her contract with the record label.

However, latest rumour is that after the saga that happened at Jeff Kiwa’s crib between her and Sheebah, Etania decided to dump him and move on with her life, so these days she is enjoying freelance romping sprees.

Moles reveal that the last they heard about Etania she was feasting on popular DJ Slick Stuart’s Big Banana, but there is no guarantee that he put a Padlock on the mega bonus Sumbie

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