Shame: Car That Lwasa Gave New Lover Angel Seized Over Debts

Shame: Car That Lwasa Gave New Lover Angel Seized Over Debts

By Ivan Mwine

All is not well with city businessman Emmanuel Lwasa and his new wifey identified as Angel Candy Kwakunda Lwasa.

The source of their love woes, according to our Moles is that Angel no longer has the sleek Mark X car that Lwasa gifted her with a few months ago.

It should be noted that when Lwasa and Angel hooked up last year after he had dumped BBS TV star Diana Nabatanzi, he gifted her with a Mark X car as a token of thanks for her sweetness and she has been cruising it around town for some time.

The Mark X car that Lwasa had gifted to Angel

However, as you read this, the car has since been seized by a one Smart, who is a car dealer along Lumumba Avenue, after Lwasa failed to complete payment for the vehicle like they had agreed.

We are told that the car is worth Shs22M out of which Lwasa paid half and promised to clear the balance after a few weeks but since then he has failed to live up to his word, which prompted the owner to hire court bailiffs who seized it last week.

Since then the vehicle has been parked at the car bond, leaving Angel with no option but to resort to boda-bodas, Uber and other alternative public transport means.

It should be noted that Lwasa has a habit of giving cars to babes he hooks up with although many of them end up losing the vehicles under unclear circumstances.

For instance Lwasa gave singer Desire Luzinda a Mercedes Benz when they were still deeply involved with each other some time back but when they parted ways he callously repossessed the car.

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