‘She Cheated On Me’-Apass Speaks Out After Being Dumped By Martha Kay

‘She Cheated On Me’-Apass Speaks Out After Being Dumped By Martha Kay


By Mable Nakibuuka


Dancehall star Alex Bagonza  aka Apass has finally spoken out about why he separated beds with city comedienne cum photographer Martha Kagimba alias Martha Kay.

It should  noted that Apass and Martha Kay have been for the past few months enjoying a passionate fling, ever since she dumped RnB singer Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda.


However,  just a few months after enjoying Apass’ Big Cassava, it seems it was not big enough for her, so she decided to get a ‘Dangerous Substitute’ who has been servicing her Sompyo.

Martha Kay and Ykee Benda before she dumped him

But after learning about it, Pals intimate that a bitter sex wrangle erupted between Martha and Apass, which culminated into separating beds.

Actually Martha made it clear that she had dumped Apass after appearing in an interview on a local TV station during which she made it publicly known that she is single.

Now Apass is going around telling whoever cares to know that Martha Kay cheated on him and when he got to know about it, she refused to apologise.

Apass rants that she cheated on him and refused to apologise

As if to make his heartache and betrayal  publicly known, Apass tweeted on Tuesday morning thus;

“She cheated on me and refused to say sorry.”

Apass a few months ago was showering praises on Martha Kay and sending jabs at Ykee Benda whom she had dumped before jumping into his sack but currently he is the one shedding buckets of tears.

Some of the bitter exchanges between Ykee Benda and Apass over Martha

The two had plastered their social media platforms  with pictures of them enjoying romance but they have since deleted them and no longer share romantic messages on twitter like they used to do.

Watch this space about this brewing sex war.



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