Sheebah, Jeff Kiwa War Gets Ugly As TNS Boss Orders Singer To Choose Between House And Boat

Sheebah, Jeff Kiwa War Gets Ugly As TNS Boss Orders Singer To Choose Between House And Boat

By Ivan Mwine

The property war that is raging on between singer Sheebah Samali Karungi and her former boss at Team No Sleep (TNS) Jeff Kiwanuka alias Jeff Kiwa ever since she quit the group has taken a new ugly twist.

Word coming  in from our Moles in TNS is that although Jeff  and Sheebah are still arguing over the copyrights for the songs she released when she was still under TNS, there is also a bitter property war raging on between theme over her mansion inn Munyonyo, a city suburb, and a private boat called Karma Cruise, which she acquired last year.
Sheebah’s crib in Munyonyo which Jeff Kiwa wants to grab

According to our Moles, Jeff, who  has since replaced Sheebah with new kid on the block Rahma Pinky, a few days ago gave Sheebah orders to choose between the Munyonyo mansion  and the boat, reasoning that she acquired both properties while still under TNS, hence she can’t take both of them because they TNS properties.

However, Sheebah, who has since revealed that she was being underpaid and exploited by the TNS boss has vowed not to surrender either the house or boat to Jeff, asserting that they are properties she duly acquired through her own sweat and hard work.

Jeff Kiwa wants Sheebah to choose between the Mansion and this boat

We have learnt that Sheebah is vowing to fight to the last man to ensure that she retains the properties even if it means battling for the same in courts of law.

Sheebah, who is soon dropping a new jam  titled ‘Mukam Yamba’ (Help Me God), stunned the nation over the weekend when she  decried the exploitation   and abuse she was subjected to while still under TNS when she wrote on Instagram thus;

“Playing humble will have you overlooked, underpaid and underbooked. Talk your shit, own the room and let them haters be uncomfortable.”

She had earlier posted thus; “When I say I’m blessed I don’t mean money or material things. I mean situations that was sent to destroy me or make me lose my mind but didn’t even touch my soul.”

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