Sheebah Karungi, Sama Sojah Become Inseparable

Sheebah Karungi, Sama Sojah Become Inseparable

By Our Reporter

Celebrated  songbird Sheebah Karungi and dancehall star Sama Sojah have become very inseparable these days and  it’s not because of what is running in your heads right now.

The reason they’re inseparable is because Sheebah and Sama Sojah are working on some great music projects, which they have started unveiling for their fans.

Actually as you read this, Sheebah and Sama Sojah have already unveiled their  latest music project titled ‘Njiira Love’, which can be loosely translated to mean ‘Pour Me’ love.

The audio of their new track, which is an alluring love ballad has already received massive audience from their fans, as Sheebah and Sama Sojah work on shooting their video.

It should be noted that   Sama Sojah a few months back partnered with Sheebah for a project in which she aims at distributing her line of sanitary pads known as Holic Pads to school girls and disadvantaged women groups, especially those in ghettoes.

The move saw Sheebah appoint Sama Sojah as the product ambassador for Holic Pads, a role he has diligently executed for a long time time.     

But besides his new song withSheebah, Sama Sojah is known for other popular hits like ‘Covid 19’, ‘Esuubi’, ‘Nyonyi Nyange’, ‘Money’, ‘Mukikondolo’ – a collabo with Iryn Namubiru, among others.

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