Sheebah Karungi Sparks Off Scrotal Eruptions

Sheebah Karungi Sparks Off Scrotal Eruptions


By  Mable Nakibuuka

Celebrated musician Sheebah Karungi has sparked off severe scrotal eruptions cross the city after she shared a bunch of tantalizing snaps on her social media platforms.

Sheebah, who turned 31 years old this week, held a mega birthday bash at a hangout in Kampala, where she treated fans to all night long partying.

She had however earlier on shared  a series of pictures which are part of her BD photoshoot, in which she flaunts a very mouthwatering body.’

Queen Sheebah Karungi enjoys swimming

In one of the said snaps, the diva is seen dressed on a swimsuit that clearly marks out the shape and morphology and her Sompyo, a sight that has triggered off scrotal drippings amongst members of the male fraternity.

Guys, if you have been wanting optical nutrition here is Sheebah to feast your eyes on as you wish her a happy birthday!

Sexy Sheebah Karungi
Sheebah celebrated her 31st birthday this week

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