Sheebah Karungi, Spice Diana Caught Up   In  Bitter Beef

Sheebah Karungi, Spice Diana Caught Up In Bitter Beef

By Ivan Mwine

There is a supremacy war raging on between celebrated singers Sheebah Karungi and Diana Hadija Namukwaya aka Spice Diana, over who is better than the other in the music industry.

Our Moles intimate that after beefing with Cindy Sanyu for some time, Sheebah  is nowadays at loggerheads with Spice Diana and the two singers have since channeled their beef  to their fans.

We are told that it all started a few days back  when Sheebah’s fans launched a barrel of attacks on social media against Spice Diana, something that has continued even after she (Spice Diana) came out and pleaded with them to stop it.

The verbal attacks have since continued but what baffles those in Spice Diana’s camp is the fact that Sheebah has not come out to date to reign in on her abusive fans and stop them from attacking Spice Diana.

Sheebah’s reaction has thus left many of Spice Diana’s fans suspecting that she could be silently fueling them to continue with the attacks, so as to bring down the brand Spice Diana.

According to our Moles, Spice Diana, who has hit songs like ‘Kwata Wano’, ‘Omusheshe’, ‘Anti Kale’ and others has in the recent past been going around boasting about how her music career is on fire and that she has  since overshadowed Sheebah,  whom she says has no hit song currently, something that hasn’t amused several Sheebaholics, hence the attact.   

Meanwhile, unlike Spice Diana who started singing about three to four years ago, it should be noted that Sheebah is one of Uganda’s veteran musicians, having started her career with the now defunct Obsessions Dance group in the early 2000s, although she later joined manager Jeff Kiwanuka’s Team No Sleep label before she started a solo career.

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