Sheebah, King Saha Set London On Fire At Love Fest

Sheebah, King Saha Set London On Fire At Love Fest

By Ivan Mwine

Celebrated Ugandan artistes Sheebah Karungi and King Saha literally set London on fire during the Love Fest concert which was held on Saturday, at the Royal Regency Hotel.

Our Moles in London reveal that the venue filled to capacity to the extent that some revellers had to be turned away because the tickets had sold out.
Sheebah Karungi doing her thing on stage

Sheebah thrilled revellers with some of her great hits like; ‘Nkwata Mpola’, ‘Mukama Yamba’, ‘Ninda’, ‘Nkwatako, ‘Wankona’, ‘John Rambo’ among others.

By the time Sheebah got off stage many of the revellers were still yearning for more of her.

King Saha thrilled the audiencce

King Saha did not disappoint too after he stagged a very energetic performance during which he sang songs like; ‘Biri Biri’, ‘Mulirwana’, ‘Teddy Tereza’, ‘Gundeeze’, ‘Beera Awo’, ‘Mwana Gwe,’ among others.

Sheebah Karungi greets her fans during the show

King  Saha’s energetic performance prompted some tycoons in audience to splash money at him as did the entertaining, while some female revellers literally wanted to jump at him.

Meanwhile, Sheebah and King Saha were supposed to perform alongside Sama Sojah but he was unable to  travel due to visa issues.

Yes We Did It? Sheebah Karungi seems to say

But nonetheless, Sheebah and King Saha staged a very thrilling show that left many Ugandans in London convinced that they had received their money’s worth.

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