Sheebah, Nancy Kitaka Team Up In ‘Pads For All’ Campaign

 Sheebah, Nancy Kitaka Team Up In ‘Pads For All’ Campaign


By Exposed Uganda

Celebrated Ugandan songbird Sheebah Karungi has teamed up with popular UK based Ugandan emcee,  MC Nancy Kitaka,  in a charity drive to distribute free sanitary pads to school girls around the country.

The ‘Pads for All’ campaign, which is one of Sheebah and Kitaka’s very many charity campaigns, will see girls at primary and secondary schools in selected districts receive the Holic Sanitary Pads, which are made by a company owned by Sheebah.
Sheebah Karungi, Nancy Kitaka and others during the launch of Pads For All Campaign

Sheebah and Kitaka have since been joined by popular musician Sama Sojah, who will be part of the team as Campaign Ambassador’ during their tours as they distribute the sanitary pads to various schools in rural areas.

Sheebah and Kitaka were joined by singer Sama Sojah for the Pads for All Campaign

Sama Sojah, whose popular song ‘Mone’ is rocking airwaves across the world, is one of the Ugandan artistes that Kitaka manages under renowned record label Redzone.

Commenting about this charitable campaign, Kitaka wrote thus on Facebook, “Together With Our Campaign Ambassador Sama Sojah, a music artist from Redzone Entertainment, we managed to meet up with  the CEO of  Our partnering company Miss Sheebah Karungi. And it was indeed an extremely successful meeting, charitable causes are on top of their agenda.

Join our campaign kindly donate @go fund me Pads For All Campaign.”

Nancy Kitaka’s Facebook post about the Pads For All Campaign

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