Sheebah’s Bulging 8Kg Sumbie Sparks Of Scrotal Turmoil

Sheebah’s Bulging 8Kg Sumbie Sparks Of Scrotal Turmoil

By Ivan Mwine

Celebrated singer Sheebah Karungi has been keeping a very big secret within her River Between, until she paraded a monstrous Sumbie, which according to analysts is said to weigh around 8Kgs!

Sheebah, who has been quiet for a while, perhaps trying to come to terms with the biting Kayasi of the COVID-19 lockdown, sent her male fans on social media into scrotal frenzy after she decided to parade her monstrous Sumbie.
Sheebah Karungi parades her bulging Sumbie

It all started when Sheebah shared a some of her snaps on social media, seeking to attract the attention of her fans about working out to keep physically fit.

However, it so happened that in one of the snaps, Sheebah protruding V-shaped Sumbie is seen bulging out as if it wants to tear out of her pants.

Sexy Sheebah Karungi working out

She accompanied the snaps with the caption; “A Woman without a Man is like a fish without a bicycle. Fall in love with yourself before you fall for anybody’s son. Am just saying.”

Although the meaning of Sheebah’s statement is still subject of scrutiny, her bulging Sumbie has since left several of Sheebah’s male fans tempted to touch, while others are salivating like the proverbial hyenas.

It should be noted that despite being very sexy and loaded, Sheebah braves cold nights on a daily, because she is not known to officially date any man.

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