Sheilah Donzella Speaks Out On How She Was Robbed At Sudhir’s Speke Apartments, Warns Public

Sheilah Donzella Speaks Out On How She Was Robbed At Sudhir’s Speke Apartments, Warns Public

By Mable Nakibuuka

Socialite Nalongo Sheila Donzella, who is also singer Big Eye’s baby Mama, has opened up on how she was robbed of millions and jewelry while she was staying at businessman Sudhir Ruparelia’s Speak Apartments.

News spread in the media a few weeks back about how Donzella had reported a case of robbery at Jinja Road Police station, in which she claimed that she had been robbed of a colossal sum of money in U.S dollars and other currencies,  jewellery, Smart Phones, a tablet, laptops and other valuables.

The police duly reported about the robbery that had occurred at Speke Apartments, along Wampewo Avenue and revealed that they were hunting for the criminals who had perpetrated the act and had already arrested one of the suspects.

Well, the latest news is that the real thief who was behind the robbery has since been arrested by the police and following his arrest, Donzella has decided to come out and speak about how her property worth millions of shillings was stolen from Speke Apartments, where she had sought accommodation while on holiday in Uganda during the festive season.


Jeremiah the thug, with some of the jewelry he had stolen and the keys he used to break in

Here is what she says;

“Be careful! where you choose to stay while in Uganda. On 25th December as I was on my vacation and  my day was shut down as thieves broke into my apartment at Speke Apartments in broad day light. I had gone to my family friends for a Christmas dinner in Mityana. The so-called Jeremy broke into my apartment; he had rented next to me using a fake identity card, claiming he’s from Kenya, Kisumu which he gave to the reception at Speke Apartments.

The Apartment management never took any extra measures to check the identification if it’s fake or not until the incident happened.

I received this disturbing phone call from my little sister who had at the time stayed at the apartment to baby sit the kids. She told me that the apartment had been broken into as she took kids for swimming. I immediately called the receptionist to confirm about the break in  and when they confirmed, I immediately drove back to Kampala.

When I reached the apartment I was shown footage of the thief whom I recognized from my daughter’s party which I had hosted on 24th.

The thief was introduced to me by my close friend Kim Swagger. He told me his my neighbour whom he had met in the lobby and that he’s a son of Oyite Ojok.

Because I trusted, Kim didn’t question the neighbour. I didn’t even pay attention to ask much but I remember the thief told me he’s from Canada and that he’s at the apartment on vacation.

I let them enjoy the party and mingled with other guests and kids. At  midnight we let the kids go to their room as adults continued on with the night.

Long story short, I had never meet these thieves but I remembered Jeremy at the party. I immediately called Kim Swagga.

He told me he didn’t know the guy and that he had just met him in the lobby. I asked him do you have a phone number, he said yes. He did give me the phone number and helped even provide the picture they had taken together that night at the party.

As we continued to watch the footage then I saw my own sister going with Jeremiah in his room. I was confused as security was saying I must know him.

I tried to explain that I didn’t know that guy  but they couldn’t believe me. I prayed to God for the police to arrest the thugs such that I could exonerate my name. I didn’t know these people.

On January 3rd, police located Jeremiah in Arua after two weeks of tracking. He was apprehended and brought to Kampala where the crime had happened.

As we speak Jeremiah is in Luzira waiting for his trial; the second suspect was also apprehended in Lira and brought to Kampala.

A week later I have been silent but my fans deserve to know. These goons used all bloggers to tarnish my name, abusing me, claiming the dollars were counterfeit, instead of taking blame on the management’s weak security.

I thank the police at Jinja Road and at the CID Police Headquarters in Kibuli  who have followed my case properly.

I deserve justice and Speke Apartments should take blame for their weak security and they should wait for me to sue them for negligence of duty to provide security for their clients.

Had they been responsible and not negligent, they would have seen that something is not right the moment they saw people coming out of my room, running with my luggage from my apartment, instead of waiting for my sister to call me.

They have said a lot of bad things about me, even wrote to my embassy which I had already informed before them going there because I had to replace my passports, but I’m not going to give up. Thanks to Jinja Road Police station for all the help given me.”

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