Sherry Matovu Erases Tattoo Of Hubby’s Name After Dumping Him, Again

Sherry Matovu Erases Tattoo Of Hubby’s Name After Dumping Him, Again

By Ivan Mwine

All is not well between singer Sherry Matovu and longtime hubby Taddeus Katumba aka Katts.

The latest we have from Moles is that Sherry has since dumped her husband, although this is the second time she is doing so.

It should be recalled that Sherry and Katumba developed marital woes some time back that saw them split after which she hooked a toyboy.

Sheryy Matovu with Taddeus Katumba when they were still in love

However, after sweet-talking her into returning home for several months, Sherry accepted to reunite with Katumba although their reunion has not lasted.

As you rea this, Sherry has since cut off Katumba’s access of her Wetland and this time round she is so serious that  she has even erased the tattoo ‘Till My Last Breath Katts’ which was on her hand  and replaced it with a bird spreading its wings.

Sherry Matovu’s hand before and after erasing the tattoo

Sherry announced the breakup on Women’s Day when she posted pictures of the erased tattoo  on her hand and captioned them thus;

 “Sherry Matovu is feeling loved at Busabala Beach. Da future is FEMALE

It all started on 8th/03/2008-2022

Happy women’s day to all hustling young gals, single mothers, independent women, supporting women, inspiring women, confident, strong and brilliant women out there. U deserve to be celebrated today, take yo self out for a treat coz we go through a lot to be were we are and da struggle is still on

Cheers to all my ladies. MaamaNanyunja Sengawababuuffu.”

The first time dumped her hubby Sherry Matovu hooked up with this Toy Boy

It is however not yet clear what caused their split this time round, although the first time they parted ways it was over counteraccusations of offside romps on both sides.

Sherry Matovu with now ex-hubby Taddeus Katumba

Sherry, who has since turned herself into a self-acclaimed online Senga (relationship Councilor) has however left many of her followers wondering how she will continue lecturing them about being a dutiful wife when she has failed the test herself.

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