‘She’s Currently Not In Our Custody’-Police Confirms On a Hunt For Fred Lumbuye Accomplice Nassuna Hajara

‘She’s Currently Not In Our Custody’-Police Confirms On a Hunt For Fred Lumbuye Accomplice Nassuna Hajara

A Ugandan political activist Nassuna Hajara, belonging to a (People Power pressure group) whose lineage is further linked to the arrested Turkey-based National Unity platform (NUP) and Anti Museveni blogger Fred Kajubi Lumbuye is currently living in hiding ever since word circulated that she is among those hunted by Ugandan security agencies.

Nassuna, a Ugandan staunch political activist, known for not messing words when attacking President Museveni whose rule spans a period of four decades has regularly been arrested with many other political opponents by Uganda police on trumped-up charges, according to human rights lawyers in Kampala.

During January 14, 2021, presidential elections, Nassuna Hajara, Kabongoza Daniel Musoke, Nakiberu Carol, Bulwadda Sandra, Lugasala Bosco who was an aspiring member of parliament on a democratic party ticket for Makindye West and others Were detained in a military prison in Jinja following Luuka presidential election campaigns fiasco which resulted to a countrywide strike.

Upon their release, Nassuna Hajara is believed to have gone into hiding for fear of being re-arrested and brutalized, by secret police forces of the regime and by press time, efforts to locate her Whereabouts have been futile.

However, her relatives who preferred not divulged their identities because of fear for their lives too revealed to this website that she fled into hiding after armed security men stormed her home in Seguku one night with intent to arrest her. “Luckily she had gone for the burial of one of NUP’s activists and a friend who had been rammed by a speeding police van during the campaign in Bugiri along Busia-Tororo road When accompanying their leader Robert Kyagulanyi,” said one of the relatives we found at home.

According to reliable sources, Hajara’s troubles started when security discovered that she was closely linked to lethal activist Lumbuye who is currently under detention in Turkey at the request of Ugandan President Museveni.

Nasuuna too, being one of the Social media activists praising Lumbuye for awakening masses against Museveni on Facebook, WhatsApp, Tiktok and other media platforms, the regime considered every post as harmful propaganda, intended to cause hatred and violence in the country.

Fred Enanga the Uganda Police Force Spokesperson, has since confirmed that 15 case files are awaiting critic Ugandan activist Nassuna Hajara. “Nassuna is not yet in our custody,” Enanga said on a phone call.

“We want to tell the public that as police, we have 15 case files against Nassuna Hajara under investigation for spreading harmful propaganda, sharing videos asking the public to protest, inciting chaos among the public and other cybercrimes,” Enanga said.

The police spokesperson, however, distanced himself from commenting on Nasuuna’s whereabouts but noted that as soon as she is handed over to the police, she will be held accountable for the charges.

“Until Nasuuna is handed over to police, we shall then come up with a statement on the status of investigations. Whether in the country or not, our interest is that we shall process her over these case files awaiting her. We are waiting until we get her in our hands,” Enanga said.

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