‘She’s My Princess’-Rickman Defends NBS  TV Star Gashumba After She Spends Night  With   Ruger

‘She’s My Princess’-Rickman Defends NBS TV Star Gashumba After She Spends Night With Ruger

Ivan Mwine

Budding Ugandan musician  Derrick Dungu aka Rickman Manrick has come out to defend his lover NBS TV  host Sheila Gashumba, after  she was snapped heading to a hotel room with Nigerian musician Ruger, real name Michael Adebayo Olayinka.

Early this week we reported on this website  how Rickman spent Friday night coiling in bed alone after Gashumba didn’t return home but instead opted to spend the night  a city resort hotel, where  Moles say they shared a room.

NBS TV star Gashumba was snapped heading to a hotel with Nigerian star Ruger

A few days after Exposed Uganda.com exclusively revealed the saga, snaps of Ruger and Gashumba holding each other like lovebirds started emerging and going viral on social media.

However, despite the revelation that the TV star swallowed thee Nigerian musician’s Zubra, her lover Rickman has since made it clear that he doesn’t give a shit and that whoever thinks otherwise should go hang on a tomato tree!

Rickman Manrick posted a photo of her with Gashumba defending her

This comes after he posted a snap of them together on twitter with the caption; “My Princess, even (love emojis), Kati abaffa muffe…”  which can be loosely translate to mean that; ‘She is my Princess, let those who want to die go ahead and die!’

The saga of Gashumba juggling with Rickman comes at a time when her former lover Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan has since waged war against him, branding him a snake that used go to his home to eat his food and ended snatching his lover.

God’s Plan, whom Gashumba nowadays refers to as Satan’s Plan, has since embarked on a mission of spilling all her dirty secrets, including all the guys whose Zubras she has swallowed at her tender age of just 26 years.


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