Shock As Nude Pics Of Jeff Kiwa’s Lover Forever Etania Leak

Shock As Nude Pics Of Jeff Kiwa’s Lover Forever Etania Leak

By Ivan Mwine

NTV star Etania Mutoni popularly known as Forever Etania, who is said to be Team No Sleep  (TNS) boss Jeff Kiwanuka’s bonkmate, is in deep trouble after her nudes allegedly leaked and have since gone viral on social media.

Etania’s nudes, which  have been widely shared by netizens on various social media platforms,  are bound to shock not only her bosses at NTV but also parents, relatives and friends, although admirers are drooling over them.
One of Forever Etania’s nudes

In one of the snaps that our Moles have seen, Etania is seen standing stark naked without any bra or knickers on and she appears to be gazing at someone, who probably was snapping her.

Forever Etania with Jeff Kiwa

It is not yet clear how Etania’s nudes leaked but if she is found culpable in the leakage then the TV star is likely to attract the wrath of the Anti-Pornography Committee and the Ministry of Ethics, because such actions contravene the Ant-Pornographic Act, 2019.

Forever Etania flaunts her curves on a bikini

Etania, who became popular for hosting NTV Dance Party show every Friday night, made headlines some time back after word leaked that she been one of the people that caused a bitter split between Sheebah Karungi and Jeff Kiwa before the latter quit TNS.

Forever Etania posing as a mermaid

It raised eyebrows therefore why her nude photos happen to leak at such a material time when there is a bitter standoff between Sheebah and Jeff Kiwa.

Watch this space for updates about this saga!

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