Shocking Secrets About Leila, SK Mbuga Sex War Emerge: He Was Paying Her For Romps

Shocking Secrets About Leila, SK Mbuga Sex War Emerge: He Was Paying Her For Romps

By Ivan Mwine

The bible says in the book of Luke 12:2-3, that; “the secrets will be uncovered, the truth will come forth, and God’s thought about every behavior and action will be vindicated. What’s done in the dark will come to light!”

Well, it seems that is exactly what is happening between Ugandan musician Leila Kayondo and her former lover Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga, who is popularly known as S.K Mbuga.

We revealed on this website yesterday how Leila and Mbuga are involved in a very a bitter  war, which has since culminated into her banning him from ever stepping at her Muzigo (rented apartment), on top of hurling all sorts of  insults at him, plus accusing him of being a womaniser.

Leaked message about transactions between Leila and SK Mbuga

Well, the latest from our Moles is that the source of the beef between  Leila and Mbuga is that he had all along convinced her that things are not working well between him and his wife Jalia Mbuga.

After convincing her  that, it  is said that Mbuga has over the past years been sneaking to Leila’s Muzigo for romps and reimbursing her handsomely for her services.

SK Mbuga with wife Jalia Mbuga partying at a city night club

They had agreed to keep their romping a personal business and  had managed to do so for a long time, until last weekend and Leila decided to spill the beans.

Leila Kayondo’s rants on social media about Mbuga

According to Moles,  all was going well between Leila and Mbuga until last weekend when he promised that he would be with her,, only for him to disappoint her by partying with Jalia at a city night club.

It is said that Leila got so pissed with Mbuga on seeing him in videos on social media grooving romantically with  Jalia and in retaliation, she decided to spill the  beans, before assuring him never to step at her  Muzigo again because on top of being a player, he is not sweet in bed!

More of Leila Kayondo’s ranting

However, we have since established that in order to silence her ranting, Mbuga decided to send Leila mobile money of Shs2M and on receiving it she  agreed to shut  up about the scandal!

So, in conclusion therefore, it appears that whereas many of Leila’s fans and friends thought things between her and Mbuga had ended, she has all along been in a ‘Give Me I Give You’ affair with him for a long time.

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