Shonga’s Former Side-dish Sasha Brighton Grassing After Being Dumped By New Lover  

 Shonga’s Former Side-dish Sasha Brighton Grassing After Being Dumped By New Lover  

By Ivan Mwine

Popular Ugandan musician Sasha Brighton, who was some time back deeply in love with socialite Herbert Shonga, is shedding buckets of tears.

Word on the grapevine is that Sasha, who is a mother of one, is so sad and blue after she was dumped by the man who snatched her from Shonga, whos a city lad only identified as Kheem GK, TV presenter.

Moles intimate that Sasha, who used to live a lavish lifestyle during her heydays with Shonga, is not only very broke but also faces eviction from the Muzigo where she is currently living, because she owes the landlord several months.

Social media is currently awash with a video of Sasha, who narrates her troubles while shedding buckets of tears.

After the video going viral on social media platforms, several of Sasha’s friends, mainly fellow musicians, have since started sending in messages  expressing their sympathy.

Dorothy and Herbert Shonga before they split, they have since reunited

Popular musician Serena Bata, who also underwent the same situation during the time she was dating jailed music promoter  Charles Olim aka Sipapa, said thus; “I feel so broken deep inside about those men who finds you on yo way hustling to the top and promise you haven & earth yet they are fakers living a whole life of fakeness. Sasha Brighton Kalungi I know what yo going through my sister cause I was ounce there but be strong all will be well. I am advising all the upcoming female musicians not to give them a chance to take you off your dreams. #brownsugar  #lailakayondo #liannakawesi and many others.”

Sasha enjoyed steamy moments during the time she was dating Shonga after he had separated with his wife Dorothy Shonga.

However, along the way, their relationship hit rocks after Dorothy lured Shonga back into her arms.

But it should be recalled that by the time Sasha left Shonga she was already pregnant and went circulated then that he was the one responsible, although he reportedly refuted the allegations.

It is now not yet clear whether she even has the capacity to take care of her child.

But what is most absurd is that Sasha’s music career suffered a still birth because ever since she parted ways with Shonga, who was bankrolling, nothing has been heard from her musically.

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