Sinful Men Of God: Pastors Accused Of  Fleecing Millions From Believers Named

Sinful Men Of God: Pastors Accused Of Fleecing Millions From Believers Named


By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza


Although pastors area supposed to be righteous men of God who teach against sin, there are several of them in Uganda  who have become champions at sinning and in some cases many have been arrested.

It should be noted that back in the early 90’s pastors were seen as enthusiastic men and women of God who were not obsessed with accumulating material wealth.

But as time went on many pastors, probably driven by the desire to have the fine things in life, developed a lust for wealth and started doing almost everything possible  to emulate  superstar  American preachers who live a lavish lifestyle.

Many of them resorted to doing all sorts of things to achieve their dreams and thereby ended up sinning with impunity.

According to police, cases of pastors conning unsuspecting Christians are on the  increase and although they are very many, here are those who top the list of such ‘unholy’ men of God.


Fred Ntabazi

This hunky preacher used his charm to convince gullible Christians to invest in his trading sham venture called Pio Crystal Centre Investment Company Limited.

All one had to do was invest a minimum of Shs5m and get 10% every week for the next 48 weeks. Meaning that if you invest Shs10m at the end of 48 weeks you be Shs48m richer.

After sometime investors unable to get their weekly deposits rushed to him but he assured them to give him some time to allow him sort out a few things with banks. By the time they realized he was a con man it was too late.

William Muwanguzi aka Kiwedde

In 2013 he was arrested in Rakai district for impersonating a Kenyan priest. Muwanguzi at the time would get huge sums of money from people and in return perform fake miracles or offer them what he called   healing prayers.

In 2014 Muwanguzi escaped from a prison in Mutukula and fled to Zimbabwe although he was later extradited to Uganda to serve the rest of his sentence. The preacher who was commonly known as Kiwedde, after he purchased a flashy Hummer using  the tithe from his believers, was given added two more years for escaping from prison on top of the four years for impersonation.

 Siraje   Ssemanda

The youthful pastor of Revival Ministries Church, who has since been linked to Pastor Mondo Mugisha, was over the weekend arrested at the Uganda-Tanzania Mutukula border as he attempted to flee the country.

He was arrested over allegations of fleecing over Shs4Bn from 400 private school owners and thousands of parents of disadvantaged children.

Ssemanda would tell them that he was going to get them scholarships, organise for them study trips abroad and connect  them  to officials at the Operation Wealth Creation such  that they would benefit from the government funded project, among other empty promises.

 Mondo Mugisha

This flamboyant pastor who recently showed off his collection of cars during an interview with a local TV station, is accused of working together with Ssemanda and another lady to fleece over Shs4Bn from unsuspecting parents by promising to take their children abroad  to study on top of convincing others that they would help them meet President Yoweri Museveni.

 Josephat Murungi

In 2019 police arrested Pastor Murungi of Rivers of Life  Church in Kitumba, Fort Portal city, for allegedly conning Shs27m from  Peninah Karungi, one of his believers, although he denied the allegations .

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