Singer Chris L Joins Political Songs  Bandwagon

Singer Chris L Joins Political Songs  Bandwagon

By Mable Nakibuuka

As we anxiously wait for the 2021 general election, several musicians have resorted to recording political songs,  as a way of tapping into the resources that politicians are injecting in their campaigns.

As such, many musicians have released political songs, some of which express support for the ruling government while others don’t.

Our Moles reveal that the latest musician to join the political songs bandwagon  is none other than Chris Lwanga aka Chris L, who has since released a song titled ‘Uganda’.

Some Ugandans who have listened to the song and watched its video contend that Chris L depicts a very critical picture of where Uganda has come, where it is currently and where it is heading.

He sings about the corruption, poor health services,  dilapidated schools, human rights abuses, stinking poverty and other problems dogging our country.

However, we have learnt from Moles that although   the song has received massive reception amongst People Power supporters and other opposition politicians, it has since been abhorred by several National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporters because it is critical of the regime.

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