Singer Leila Kayondo, Former Lover Mbuga In Fresh Sex War

Singer Leila Kayondo, Former Lover Mbuga In Fresh Sex War

By Ivan Mwine

There is a bitter war raging on between musician Leila Kayondo and her former lover city businessman Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga, who is popularly known as S.K Mbuga.

Mbuga and Leila  were passionate lovers some time  back but they developed irreconcilable love woes around 2015 which saw them part ways after he clobbered her to pulp one day.

Actually, their matters ended up at Kabalagala police and Mbuga spent some  days at Luzira prison for the assault, although he was later released.

Leila Kayondo’s rant against SK Mbuga



Mbuga, a few years later, got married to his then other girlfriend Jalia Vivienne Mbuga, who is to date his official wife.

However, Moles reveal that although he parted ways with Leila, it seems Mbuga had never gotten enough of her, so he has over the years been pestering her for Some!

More of Leila Kayondo’s ranting

It is said Mbuga has for the past few months been hounding Leila’s Muzigo in a bid to beg her for some more, such that he can savour the sweet moments they used to enjoy together.

Although it is not yet clear whether Mbuga had managed to succeed or not, what’s on ground is that Leila a few days ago learnt that he is deeply involved with another babe who recently flew into the country with socialite Zari Hassan.

S.K Mbuga with wife Jalia Vivienne Mbuga

Moles reveal that Leila went bonkers after seeing videos of Mbuga partying with the said babe at a city night club, where he was ferociously squeezing her booty.

Leila got so pissed with Mbuga that she took to social media and hurled all sorts of insults at him, on top of assuring him never to step at her ‘Kazigo’ (rented apartment) again or else she will expose his bald head.

Mbuga has not yet responded to Leila’s ranting but are some of the  screenshots from her social media platforms;


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