Singer Namubiru Flaunts Sexy Body As She Wishes Ugandans A Happy Women’s Day

Singer Namubiru Flaunts Sexy Body As She Wishes Ugandans A Happy Women’s Day

By Mable Nakibuuka

Luscious singer Iryn Namubiru recently unveiled a love ballad titled ‘Mpulira’, which has since been given massive audience by tens of thousands of her fans on social media.

Produced by Nessim and Future Trends Concepts, the video has so far received 42,000 views within less than a month, as fans can’t get enough of Iryn’s silken vocals.

Iryn Namubiru flaunts her very nice legs

As Uganda and the rest of world commemorate the International Women’s Day, she took it upon herself to send out the following message for all her fans and women all over the world;


To the strong women who;

Dare to stand up for themselves,

Hold top positions in offices dominated by males,

Run powerful and successful businesses,

Have done everything to see every one well and safe during this Pandemic, we celebrate YOU!


Meanwhile, our Moles have landed on some of Iryn’s snaps she recently shared on social media, is which she is seen flaunting her very sexy body while having a nice time at a swimming pool.

Sexy Iryn Namubiru

It should however be noted that sexy as she is, Iryn is braving cold nights because ever since she separated with her French hubby Frank Morrel, she has not been known officially date any other man, save  for the rumours linking her to some city dudes.

For instance, she was a few days back said to be moving out with singer Sama Sojah but she came out and refuted the rumuours, claiming that they are just business partners working on their music projects.

However,  some time back she was linked to wealthy businessman who owns a beach in Entebbe, although she parted ways with him after clashing with fellow singer Maureen Kabasita for his attention.

Iryn, who is popular for her love songs, has in past outed hit songs like; ‘Byokola’, ‘Tebiba Bingi’, ‘Tebiba Bingi’, Nkwagala Nnyo and many others.

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