Singer Sabina Ddumba Chops Dime As Musicians Curse COVID-19 Lockdown

Singer Sabina Ddumba Chops Dime As Musicians Curse COVID-19 Lockdown

By Ivan Mwine

If there is someone that hasn’t been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic then it is Sweden based Ugandan singer Sabina Ddumba.

Our Moles reveal that while several musicians are reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown, Ddumba is frolicking around the world as she enjoys life without fear or favour to anyone.
Sexy singer Sabina Ddumba enjoying a Yacht ride

As you read this, Ddumba is currently said to be in Croatia, where went for holiday, in a bid to cool of the COVID-19 stress.

As if to prove to all and sundry about how she is flossing and chopping money, Ddumba this week shared on her social media platforms very sensual snaps in which she is seen flaunting her juicy curves.

Clad on a two-piece bikini and beach blouse, Ddumba, who recently released a new album titled ‘The Forgotten Ones’, is seen being caressed by the cool breeze as she  enjoys a  yacht ride.      

Life is Good! Ddumba seems to say as she flaunts her curves

Ddumba, born 23 February 1994, is a Swedish Ugandan singer. Her music has soul, gospel, and R&B influences.

Ddumba was a backing vocalist on Katy Perry’s song “Walking on Air” in 2013 and has collaborated with artists such as the hip hop band Looptroop Rockers, duo Lorentz & Sakarias and Adam Kanyama in 2012. She is signed to Warner Music.

Ddumba released her first single, “Scarred for Life”, in 2014, and her second single, “Effortless” in 2015. Both were certified platinum.

She appeared in Moraeus med mera in 2014 and performed at Grammisgalan in 2015. She performed at the 2015 Swedish Grammis, and in 2015 won ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at the Grammisgalan and 2016 P3 Gold Awards.

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