SK Mbuga’s Ex-Lover Leila Now Dating Actor Ssegawa

SK Mbuga’s Ex-Lover Leila Now Dating Actor Ssegawa

By Ivan Mwine

Being lonely is not easy and  if you don’t believe it then go ask singer Leila Kayondo, who is socialite Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga alias SK Mbuga’s ex-lover.

Word from our Moles is that after braving several years of coldness following her split with Mbuga, Leila is nowadays  worryingly close with famous Ugandan actor cum writer John Ssegawa.

Leila and Ssegawa are so inseparable nowadays and Moles intimate they are often spotted at city hangouts enjoying themselves like a couple in love.

The chemistry between Leila and Ssegawa is so intense to the extent that he is said to be so involved in her personal life these days, to the extent of footing some of her bills.

Leila Kayondo; left is her former lover SK Mbuga

According to Moles, Ssegawa is rumoured to be behind Leila’s latest  song ‘Singa Namanya’, in which she stings her former lover SK Mbuga, by assuring all and sundry that had she known his ways she wouldn’t have dated him.

Meanwhile, we are told that however Leila and Ssegawa are keeping their intimacy out of the public for fear of any reproach from SK Mbuga, who is a known rowdy dude.

Although they publicly parted ways  some years back, Leila a few days ago came out on social media and dissed Mbuga, on top of assuring him never to step at her ‘Muzigo’ (rented house) again or else she will expose him.

The fracas that was raised by Leila brought to light the fact that although the two had hoodwinked the world about their separation,  they were actually romping behind the scenes until Mbuga pissed Leila off and she decided to ditch him, this time for good, perhaps.

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