Slain Tycoon Jabbar’s Widow Hooks Up Singer Banina, But Very Tight With Kenzo

Slain Tycoon Jabbar’s Widow Hooks Up Singer Banina, But Very Tight With Kenzo

By Ivan Mwine

Late tycoon Abdul Jabbar Ali Sayyid’s widow Fatma Muhammad Ali is reportedly passionately involved with singer Chris Banina, one of the Ugandan singing duo popularly known as the Baninas.

The Baninas is a Ugandan singing duo comprised of twins who are famously known for  songs like; ‘Love Story’, ‘I Do’,  ‘Body Language’ and others.
Chris Banina signing papers as Fatma Muhammad looks on, besides them is his brother

However, Moles reveal that  for the past few months, Fatma and Chris have been deeply engrossed into each other.

Moles intimate that Chris and Fatma are very inseparable these days whereby they even share an apartment and are actively transacting private business with each other without fear or favour for anyone.

Ugandan singing duo the Baninas

According to the Moles, she is even said to be pumping a lot of dime in his music career under the auspices of being his personal manager and promoter.

However, although Fatma is deeply involved with Chris, Moles reveal that the gorgeous widow also has a thing for  multi-award-winning artiste Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo.

Fatma Muhammad with Eddy Kenzo

Apparently, the two have been spotted by Moles many a time enjoying nice moments together especially at private functions, although she is not as tight with Kenzo as she is with Chris.

Meanwhile, we have since learnt that  Fatma’s passionate closeness with Chris has left a top Minister sulking and seething with anger, because she rejected his advances.

Moles reveal that shortly after her husband’s death in 2019, the said Minister approached Fatma with a proposal that if she got married to him he would  sort all her problems and even help her process letters of administration for  late Jabbar’s estate.

As a way of  proving his good intentions  to her, the Minister reportedly went ahead and helped her to secure letters of administration for Jabbar’s estate, which granted her  powers of attorney to deal with the estate as she pleased, something that has since sparked off beef with her in-laws.

This   is because after she secured the letters of administration, Fatma went on rampage by kicking off a selling spree of most of the properties Jabbar left behind, without the consent of his family members.

Some of the properties she sold off include; a red Range Rover Evoque which was sold to singer Spice Diana, Mercedes Benz GLE, a house in Najjera, an acre of land in Katabi, Entebbe,  a chunk of land in Buwatte where Jabbar was breeding dogs for sale, and land in Jinja where the late was constructing a factory, among others.

Slain tycoon Abdul Jabbar Ali Sayyid

However, instead of getting married to  the Minister who helped her secure letters of administration, Fatma went on a romping spree with other dudes.

At first she hooked up a city hustler only identified as  Gaddafi, who convinced her to start selling off Jabbar’s properties, but instead ended up diddling her of millions of shillings.

But Moles reveal that Fatma and Gaddafi fell out badly after she learnt that he had diddled her most of the money they had accrued from the sale of the Mercedes Benz and other properties.

She ended up running back to the same Minister who helped her get him arrested through using his connections in the security circles.

Gaddafi was caged at Katwe police station for several days until he coughed part of the dime after being squeezed and that was when he got freed.

But even then, instead of settling down with the Minister, Fatma hooked up with another dude only identified as Ali, who is Kampala Minister Minsa Kabanda’s brother, although their  relationship didn’t materialize anything.

So, going by what’s on ground, Fatma seems to have a sharp appetite for young lads the likes of Chris and Kenzo, instead of elderly men like the distraught Minister.

 Meanwhile, it should be noted    that Fatma’s late hubby Jabbar died under mysterious conditions after he was shot dead at Kampala Independent Hospital in Ntinda, by his sister-in law Zaina Kamara.

At the time of the shooting, Jabbar had gone to hospital to check on Fatma who had been hospitalized but someone his pistol ended up in the arms of  Zaina who shot him in the chest as she reportedly   played with it.  

However, investigations in the murder died a natural death and the case file was closed before  the world got to know what exactly happened on the day Jabbar was shot dead, although all that wouldn’t have been possible hadn’t the Minister exerted a lot of influence into the matter.

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