Slay Queen Jaymie Kardash Flaunts Juicy Curves In Lagos

Slay Queen Jaymie Kardash Flaunts Juicy Curves In Lagos

By Ivan Mwine
If there is any export that Uganda is exporting that has unbeatable demand then it is sexy slay queens with very delicious booty and lovely curves.

Sexy Jaymie Kardash relaxing on hotel bed

One of these is juice-oozing Jaymie Kardash, who is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria, where she is reportedly running private business.

By private business we don’t mean that she has a big company or shop but she deals in the kind of business that includes luxury, escorting, merrymaking and other ventures along those lines.

Jaymie Kardash flaunts her juicy curves

Moles intimate that Jaymie spends most of her time at beaches in Lagos when she is not lounging at hotels in Dubai, Turkey or Thailand and to ensure that her fans keep updated about her merrymaking, Jaymie usually paints her Instagram wall with snapshots in which she flaunts her juicy curves.

Over the weekend she shared some very tantalizing photos in which she is seen clad on a two piece blue bikini that generously gives away her voluptuous booty.

Jaymie Kardash flossing

Jaymie relocated from Kampala to Nigeria a few years ago after reportedly graduating from MUBS, although some sources intimate that studies became problematic for  her  because of the tight partying schedule she was following at the time, coupled with slaying.

But on realising that slay in Uganda was on a low level and not as beneficial as she expected it to be, the booty queen decided to export her skills and Goodies to ‘Outside’ countries and she has never looked back since then.

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