Socialite Bunyenyezi Flies Lover Mulira For Dubai Merrymaking

Socialite Bunyenyezi Flies Lover Mulira For Dubai Merrymaking


By Exposed Uganda


It is now crystal clear that high-end city socialite and fashionista Lucy Bunyenyezi, the daughter of tycoon Ezra Bunyenyezi, is planning to quit the slaying podium and settle down with her longtime secret sweetheart Henry Mulira, son to Former ICT Minister Ham Mulira.

The latest reports coming in reveal that the two lovers recently flew to Dubai for merrymaking after almost seven months in Kampala due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Close sources intimated to us that Bunyenyezi is giving too much love to Mulira and the two are talking of legalizing their romps.

Lucy Bunyenyezi shared snaps of her with Henry Mulira in Dubai

According to our Moles, she tells pals about how she is ready to start family with Mulira and the two are so smitten for each other.

The two lovebirds are exhibiting romance for each other on their social media platforms, an indication that the romping is now ripe for the public eye.

A family source intimated that  Lucy is secretly working on formalizing her relationship with Mulira, who reportedly started shooting ‘live shots’ in her  Sompyo since this year began.

Lucy Bunyenyezi with close pal Nadia Matovu

Bunyenyezi is a very tight buddy of tycoon Charles Mbire’s daughter Nadia Matovu, who settled down with lover Yasser Matovu.

Pals say Bunyenyezi is now planning to emulate Nadia  by allowing Mulira to put a ring on it.

Sources say that the COVID-19 lockdown has been a blessing for the two lovers in disguise, because it helped them to bond more for close to six months while spending most of the time together.

Bunyenyezi is a fashion guru who had made a name for herself in the industry and often participates in the New York Fashion week to showcase her pieces.

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