Socialite Mugisha Caged For Battering Wife After He Hooks Side-dish

Socialite Mugisha Caged For Battering Wife After He Hooks Side-dish


By Our Reporter


Ugandan U.S based socialite Frank Mugisha is languishing in a jail in Boston after he was arrested over allegations of battering and attempting to murder his wife Sylvia Mugisha.

Mugisha and Sylvia, who have spent several years in America, became a sensational couple after they donated lots of goodies to Ugandan who were affected by the COVID-19 crisis and consequent lockdown.

However, a few months down the road, the couple is said to have developed marital woes that culminated into a bitter war in which Sylvia died.

According to our Moles, on the fateful night of their bitter fight, Mugisha is said to have clobbered Sylvia so badly that he left her for dead.


Frank and Sylvia Mugisha during their happy moments

However, it is said that after realising that he had severely brutalised his wife, Mugisha quickly flew out USA back to Uganda, purportedly to check on his parents and relatives.

Little did he know  that Sylvia had filed cases of battery and attempted murder against him back in the U.S.

Frank and Sylvia Mugisha during their happy moments

So after spending a few weeks in Uganda, Mugisha flew back to America, not knowing that the police were  waiting for him and the moment he landed at Logan  airport in  Boston, he was immediately arrested and thrown in coolers, where has been languishing  since then.

This week he posted on social media a message in which he narrates the ordeal that he is going through while in police cells and  begs all friends to help and bail him out, saying he does not have any money, although not many of his pals are willing to respond to his cries, especially because of the charges lodged against him.

Frank Mugisha’s Facebook post after he was arrested

It should be noted that if found guilty, Mugisha stands higher chances of being  forced to pay a fine, jailed , deported or both.

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