Socialite Shonga In Bitter Split With Side-dish Sasha Brighton

Socialite Shonga In Bitter Split With Side-dish Sasha Brighton

By Mable Nakibuuka

All is not well between once passionate lovebirds, socialite Herbert Shonga and singer Sasha Brighton Kalungi after their love hit rocks recently.

It should be recalled that Shonga officially divorced his now ex-wife Dorothy Shonga in 2019 and since then, he has been chewing Sasha’s Sumbie.

However, the latest gossip from our moles is that life is no longer rosy between them after they developed misunderstandings a few weeks ago, over accusations of cheating.

Our moles intimate that trouble for the couple started late last year when Sasha learnt that Shonga and Dorothy had resumed meeting, despite having had a bitter divorce.

Matters worsened when Sasha discovered from pals that Shonga and Dorothy do not just meet to discuss issues like raising their children as separated parents but that they had also resumed chewing themselves.

The revelation pissed her off so much that moles say she confronted Shonga over the matter but he denied, yet she had seen recent photos of them romancing and kissing.

Following the confrontation, during which he allegedly thumped her, Sasha is said to have accused Shonga of betrayal before she burst into tears and the singer has since then been inconsolable.

Pals reveal however that the Shongas may be living one of the greatest love sagas in Ugandan history, because ever since they wedded on December 3, 2016, they have been breaking up, making up, and breaking up again.

Herbert moved on with singer Sasha Brighton who had been the lead cause of his divorce with Dorothy, but it seems that he realised he could never do away with his baby mama, the reason why he is back into her arms.

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