Socialite Shonga Survives Starvation, Parades New Lover

Socialite Shonga Survives Starvation, Parades New Lover


By Exposed Uganda


Flashy socialite Dorothy Shonga,  who divorced her ex-hubby Herbert Shonga after he turned into a Kampala Don Juan or sorts, is not longer single and lonely.

This website has learnt that Dorothy  hooked up with a man only identified as Sir PC a few months back, who has been chewing her Sompyo all throughout the COVID-19 Lockdown.

Dorothy Shonga and new lover romancing

It seems after enjoying themselves in and out and realising that their romping is ripe for the public eye, she has since decided to parade him for entire world to see her new lover.

Our Moles reveal that Dorothy and her new man are planning a mega wedding in March next year if all goes well, such that they can enjoy each other without fear or favour to anyone.

We have also learnt from the Moles that just like Dorothy, her new lover is also a divorcee  who runs a a chain of businesses  in the tourism sector, owns a  travel bureau, the best laundry in Lilongwe, Malawi, among others.

He is also said to own a fashion shop and a clothing line, on top of being into Construction and real estate business.

Dorothy and Herbert Shonga before they split

Dorothy, who has kids from her past marriage, is nowadays going around telling pals that the new man has since made her forget all the heartache she suffered at the hands of Shonga, who severally cheated on her whenever she was away.

Shonga is currently cohabiting with singer Sasha Brighton  whom he decided to settle down with after being dumped and divorced by Dorothy following the bitter collapse of their marriage.


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