Spark Tv Fires Precious Remmie Replacing Her With Candance For Live Wire Show

Spark Tv Fires Precious Remmie Replacing Her With Candance For Live Wire Show

By Simon Abaho

Spark TV presenter Remmah Nakitto aka Precious Remmie is currently trending because of her husband Raymond Bindeeba’s mess. 

Bindeeba’s baby mama Akum Sophia recently cried out revealing that Remmie blocked Maama Fiina from paying school fees for her 13 year old daughter after Bindeeba refused to take care of them.

This revelation has created more enemies for the Media personality and it’s likely that Spark TV has decided to distance itself from her by sacking her.

Immy Candance the new presenter for live wire with Flavia

Although it’s not yet been made clear, a new presenter named Immy Candace was introduced to the audience yesterday night and in a Facebook post, Spark TV revealed that she will replace Remmie on Live Wire show. 

“Welcome our new presenter Immy Candace. Catch her on Live Wire from Monday to Friday at 10:30pm alongside Flavia Mawagi,” The post reads.

She was unveiled like a new bride to the viewers in a gown

Candance was given a mega introduction as she was dressed in a wedding gown and seated in a special place decorated like a wedding. She also was wearing a ring indicating that she was a bride.

Precious Remmie and Flavia introducing Immy as the new host

She was introduced by Remmie and Mawagi during Live Wire where she promised to give viewers her best. 

We wish Remmy the best in her next Journey.

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