‘Speaker Oulanyah Has Been Sick For A  Long Time’-Dep. Speaker Among

‘Speaker Oulanyah Has Been Sick For A  Long Time’-Dep. Speaker Among

By Ivan Mwine

The deputy Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Has finally come out to speak about her boss Speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s  dire health condition, revealing that the man has been battling health complications for quite a long time.

Among, who had decided to keep silent about the matter ever since Oulanyah was hastily flown out of the country for specialised medical attention, said on twitter, Tuesday thus;


“I wish to inform the Country that the Speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon. Jacob Oulanyah has been unwell for the last two weeks. During that period, he was receiving medical attention from Mulago National Referral Hospital.”

She added that; “The Medical Experts at Mulago in consultation with his personal doctors, decided to refer him for further specialised medical attention out of the country. Subsequently on Friday, 4th February 2022, the Rt Hon. Oulanyah travelled out of the country.  We pray for his speedy and complete recovery.”

It is not yet clear what Oulanyah is suffering from because Among didn’t reveal it either but it should be noted that his deputy has been running parliamentary business for ever since the 11 Parliament started.

However, Oulanyah’s deteriorating health condition wouldn’t have been a very big issue of concern, hadn’t government, through parliament, forked out of the national treasury a colossal sum of money to fly him to America for medical attention.

Sources reveal that the Parliament of Uganda chartered a plane from Uganda Airlines at a whopping Shs1.7Bn to fly Oulanyah and 10 others to Seattle, USA, such that he could be urgently attended to by medics.

Although it is not yet clear how Parliament reached the decision to spend such an amount on Oulanyah or the process that was undertaken to reach them, many Ugandans have been left with raised eyebrows.

It should be noted that Oulanyah has been in and out of hospital for a long time to the extent that last year rumours about his demise had started circulating following his long absence from parliament.

He however came out later and trashed the rumours although even then his health condition had not actually improved.

Sadly though, Oulanyah is braving cold nights because he is not known to have an official wife, following a bitter divorce with his ex-wife Lady Winnie Amoo Okot, who has since gotten married to her new lover, an American, and even produced a son with him.

Following their divorce however, Lady  Winnie won custody of their two daughters who have since been taken over by her American hubby who is raising them as their stepfather.


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