Speaker Oulanyah’s Health Worrying As He Battles Deadly Colon Cancer

Speaker Oulanyah’s Health Worrying As He Battles Deadly Colon Cancer

By Ivan Mwine

The Speaker of Parliament Rt.Hon. Jacob Lokori Oulanyah’s health condition continues to deteriorate after medics in America diagnosed him with Stage 4 Colon cancer.

Oulanyah has flown to Seattle, USA, last Friday aboard a chartered  Uganda Airlines  plane for specialised medical attention after his health condition had worsened.


However, details coming now indicate that his situation is worse than what medics earlier thought, because the cancer has since affected many of his internal organs.

Speaker Jacob Oulanyah before he was flown to America in dire health condition

It should be noted that Stage 4 cancer is also sometimes known as metastatic cancer and is very  fatal especially if not diagnosed at early stage.  At this stage, the cancer has spread from its origin to other parts of the body.

Colon cancer is a type of cancer that affects the colon or rectum, located at the digestive tract’s lower end.

Early cases can begin as non-cancerous polyps. These often have no symptoms but can be detected by screening. For this reason, doctors recommend screenings for those at high risk or over the age of 50.

Colorectal cancer symptoms depend on the size and location of the cancer. Some commonly experienced symptoms include changes in bowel habits, changes in stool consistency, blood in the stool and abdominal discomfort.

Colorectal cancer treatment depends on the size, location and how far the cancer has spread. Common treatments include surgery to remove the cancer, chemotherapy and radiation therapy

Meanwhile, although Oulanyah is battling colon cancer, it should be noted that there are also fears that he could have been poisoned, something that prompted President Yoweri Museveni to direct medics to conduct an investigation into the allegations.

It should be recalled that in June 2021 soon after taking over from Rebecca Kadaga as speaker, Oulanyah fell ill and disappeared from public eye for a while, leaving business at Parliament in the hands of his deputy Rt.Hon. Anita Among.

Tensions ran high within the walls of parliament after intelligence leaked that a special security team was investigating Oulanyah’s last 48 hours before his health abruptly deteriorated in June, prompting an emergency medical evacuation to the UK.

Although it is not clear what came of the investigation, later Oulanyah appeared at parliament and trashed all the rumours that had been circulating about his health condition.

But even then, he relinquished parliamentary business to Among, who is still executing her boss’ duties to date as he undergoes medical attention.


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