Spice Diana Lives In Fear After Detoothing Car From UK Businessman

Spice Diana Lives In Fear After Detoothing Car From UK Businessman

 By Our Reporter

All is not well with popular Ugandan diva Hajara Namukwaya aka Spice Diana, after our Moles revealing that she is living in fear ever since she allegedly ‘detoothed’ a car from a UK based Ugandan businessman

Word coming in from Moles is  that Spice Diana is involved in a love syndicate that might ruin her chances of travelling for shows in the UK in the near future.

Spice Diana looking so chic

Moles reveal that the saga started some time back when Spice Diana hooked a loaded UK based Uganda businessman (Names withheld on request)  when she had traveled with several artistes among them King Sahaa and Weasel to perform in London.

It is said that Spice Diana met the said businessman in London, where the two got deeply involved with each other.

Since then he has been in touch with the singer, often showering her with gifts and money transfers.

It is alleged that the new car Spice Diana is cruising these days also came up as a result of contributions from the UK businessman, who thought he had hooked himself a diva for life.

It is said however that when he flew into the country recently, his efforts to get in touch with Spice Diana proved futile.

We have established that the businessman jetted into the country last month but for almost the three weeks he spent in Kampala, Spice Diana refused to meet him, despite his constant calls and messages in which he begged her to spend with him at least one night in his hotel room.

Moles intimate that Spice Diana kept dilly-dallying  whenever the guy called, until last week when he decided to fly back to the UK without seeing her or sampling her Goodies.

Spice Diana’s bouncers on duty

It is alleged that when Spice Diana learnt that the businessman was in town, she hired mean looking bouncers who she started moving around with in town, perhaps fearing that the dude might accost her any time.

We have since learnt that the guy left Kampala very pissed, cursing Spice Diana for being such a detoother and has since vowed to teach her a lesson she will never forget the next time she travels to the UK.

Watch the space!


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