Spice Diana, Manager Roger Clash Over Nince Henry

Spice Diana, Manager Roger Clash Over Nince Henry

By Ivan Mwine

Bitter blood is reportedly brewing between sexy singer Diana Namukwaya aka Spice Diana and her manager Roger Lubega, over the worrying closeness between her and singer-songwriter Nince Henry.

Moles intimate that Spice Diana is spending a lot of time with Henry these days so much that their rendezvous have started raising eyebrows.

Matters went out of hand recently when they both made posts on social media insinuating that there is something steamy going on between them.

Spice Diana with her Manager Roger Lubega

According to Moles, it is this continued flattery between Spice and Henry that has since prompted Roger to demand an explanation, tasking her to clear the rumours going around about them.

However, sources close to Spice reveal that she has since denied the allegations of having steamy flings with Henry, maintaining that they are only involved in business.

Sexy Spice Diana cuts a pose

It should be noted that whereas Roger manages Spice’s music career, it is also said that he also manages her personal life, especially the emotional bit of it, hence he abhors any man he suspects of trying to get closer to her heart.   

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