Spice Diana,  Prima Kardashi Parade Booty For Dubai Sheikhs

Spice Diana,  Prima Kardashi Parade Booty For Dubai Sheikhs

By Ivan Mwine

Popular Ugandan musician Diana Namukwaya aka Spice Diana and socialite Prima Kardashi, who is singer Geosteady’s ex-lover, are currently in Dubai, where they travelled a few days ago together with other Kampala slay queens.

Moles reveal that Spice Diana, Prima and the other slay queens that flew to Dubai is the same group are not there on a business trip but to chop dime and enjoy life without fear or favour to anyone.

Prima Karadashi, Spice Diana and pal parade booty at a beach in Dubai

And as if to  make their point known to all and sundry, Spice Diana, Prima and their pals have since embarked on a mission to parade their booty   for loaded businessmen and sheikhs in Dubai.

Actually, for all the days they have been in Dubai, Prima, Spice Diana and their pals have been plastering their social media platforms with snaps and videos in which they are seen parading their booty and other Goodies.

Spice Diana teases dudes with a front view

It should be noted however that although Spice Diana and the other slay queens can do whatever they are doing in Dubai by virtue of them not being mothers, it is rather unbecoming for Prima, who is a mother of two daughters, to partake in such indulgences.

Prima, who has two kids with Geosteady although they separated, is nowadays dating Galaxy  FM presenter  Henry Arinitwe aka Mr. Henrie.

And then she serves them her back side view

However, she abandoned him in Kampala to go on her kinky slaying spree with Spice Diana and pals in Dubai, leaving many of his pals wondering whether she left him nursing Geosteady’s daughters or entrusted them into a maid’s care.





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