Spice Diana Speaks Out On How She Acquired Dead Tycoon Jabar’s  Range Rover

Spice Diana Speaks Out On How She Acquired Dead Tycoon Jabar’s  Range Rover

By Mable Nakibuuka


Celebrated singer Hajara Diana Namukwaya aka Spice Diana became the centre of controversy this week after it emerged that the red Range Rover that she cruises around town in these days belonged to tycoon Ali Jabbar, who was shot dead by his sister-in-law in 2019.

Jabbar was shot dead by an in-law who used his gun on October 21, 2019. It was reported that his sister-in-law, Zaina Kamara, was playing with his pistol when it went off, shattering Jabbar’s chest. The incident happened at Kampala Independent Hospital in Ntinda.


Spice Diana found herself in the middle of the storm after a property wrangle broke out between late Jabbar’s family and his widow Fatma Ali, who scandalously acquired letters of administration for his estate.

Family members allege that ever since Fatma acquired the Letters of Administration she has embarked on a selling spree of all the properties he left behind, including houses and vehicles.

Among the cars she has so far sold is the Range Rover Avellor that Spice Diana drives these days and when she heard about the saga, the singer was quick to send the word out to Jabar’s family that she bought the vehicle at Shs100 million from his wife.

“The truth is she bought the car at Shs100 million, paid Shs50 million down payment and last year she added some balance and promised to complete the payment this year,” a source privy to the matter told ExposedUganda last night.

It should be noted that there has been a lot of grumbling over late tycoon Jabar’s properties that has seen family members involved in court battles with the widow Fatma.

Reports indicated that the struggle started after the widow became too tight with a new dude only identified as Gaddafi.

The closeness between Fatma and Gaddafi left many of Jabar’s family members wondering about the relationship whether it’s platonic or it’s beyond what meets the eye.

Spice Diana in the Range Rover that she bought from Fatma Ali

Soon thereafter, she started selling off his properties one by one, something that started worrying the family members, hence sparking off the property wrangle.

Besides the Range Rover, Fatma has since discarded off a Mercedes Benz GLE class and a Range Rover Vogue

We hear the move has left some of the family members in a bitter clash because she is doing all this without involving other family members.

It should be noted that Fatma has been battling with Jabar’s family ever since she secured letters of administration because they were against it, claiming she is not the right person to be granted powers of attorney.

The family members tried to put an injunction at the Kampala High Court Family Division to restrain her from undertaking any dealings with the estate but this was not fulfilled after she clandestinely secured the letters of administration through Mukono High Court vide cause 029 0f 2020 and Administrator general office, after she presented herself as the only widow, yet Jabar had other wives in Yemen and London.


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