Ssemakadde Pokes Holes In Chief Justice Owiny Dollo’s Non-Apology

Ssemakadde Pokes Holes In Chief Justice Owiny Dollo’s Non-Apology

By Ivan Mwine

Chief Justice Owiny Dollo’s apology to Buganda has been dismissed as a non-apology by human rights lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde.

While the CJ turned up at the Buganda Kingdom headquarters in Bulange, Mengo, on Thursday to apologize to the Katikkiro for having stated that the Kabaka of Buganda was last year flown out for treatment abroad using taxpayers’ money, seasoned lawyer Isaac Ssemakade has termed this gesture as a “non-apology apology.”
Chief Justice Alphonse Owiny Dollo shaking hands with Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga at Bulange Mengo

Ahead of the much anticipated rendezvous, Ssemakadde tweeted that Dollo’s wickedness will be exposed, “unless of course he goes to Bulange and withdraws his non-apology apology,” referring to the CJ’s statement of apology that appeared in Daily Monitor of Tuesday, 29 March 2022.

In a second update to his 57,000 followers on Twitter, the expert constitutional and human rights lawyer whose bio identifies him as ‘Legal Rebel,’ wondered why the CJ asked the Katikkiro to send away journalists, before he can deliver his ‘apology’.

“What’s he hiding? His remorse?” the Legal Rebel asked.

Ssemakadde then noted that the CJ looked keen to “apologize” to the Kabaka but not to his subjects, including members of the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP), whom he had equally attacked.

“Will CJ Owiny Dollo also go to Kamwokya and extend an olive branch to NUP which he attacked unreasonably?” he tweeted.

The seasoned lawyer did not spare the Katikkiro either, asking why Mayiga was eager to “move on.”

“It’s curious that the Katikkiro of Buganda, also a seasoned lawyer, asks us to “leave what was said behind us and focus on a dignified burial for @JacobOulanyah, well-knowing that the question as to CJ Dollo’s FIDELITY TO THE CONSTITUTION OF UGANDA hasn’t been resolved at Bulange,” Ssemakadde said in another tweet.

The influential advocate said that the meeting between Dollo and the Katikkiro did little to address the issues of freedom and injustice being meted out unto ordinary Ugandans.

“There’s only one conclusion to draw from what was left unsaid,” Ssemakadde noted, “All these oligarchic elites are uninterested in, and actually opposed to, the PEOPLE’S RIGHT TO PEACEFULLY ASSEMBLE & PROTEST. They want closed door business!”

Semakadde reminded Dollo that “An apology is yet to be delivered to political prisoners & victims of torture, and misrule.”

He laughed off Mayiga’s assertion that Dollo had been “courageous” to apologize.

“True courage is to stand against Evil, even when we stand alone,” Ssemakadde tweeted.

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