Starved Nalongo Dr. Stella Nyanzi Eats MUK  Student’s ‘Big Cassava’

Starved Nalongo Dr. Stella Nyanzi Eats MUK  Student’s ‘Big Cassava’


By Exposed Uganda

Controversial academician turned politician Dr. Stella Nyanzi, who has been braving cold nights for several years ever since she separated with her baby daddy, is reportedly enjoying nocturnal games with a lad half her age, who is a student of Makerere University (MUK).

Our Moles trailing Nyanzi, who is also the aspiring Kampala Woman Member of Parliament in next year’s general election,  intimate that Nyanzi is enjoying steamy rendezvous with a lad identified as David Musiri, who is a pursuing a Bachelors degree in Commerce at MUK.
David Musiri the day he visited Dr Stella Nyanzi in Hospital

It is said that Nyanzi and Musiri had kept their Things hidden from the public eye for a few months until recently when their closeness started raising eyebrows and sent tongues wagging, especially after she started traveling with him across the country and attending to many of her errands.

It should be noted that during an interview with one of the local media houses last month, Nyanzi confessed that she is dating a man who is younger than her  and belongs to the National Unity Party (NUP) and he is running for a Parliamentary position.

Moles intimate that Nyanzi’s description of the man she is dating matches Musiri, and this rumour is backed by collaborating information from both their friends.

David Musiri with Stella Nyanzi the day MP Francis Zaake visited her home

“I am in a relationship with a man younger than me. Most of my love relations have been with men younger than me. I love this man dearly but politics is separating us. He belongs to NUP and is initially from FDC too.” Nyanzi confessed.

Coincidence Or Too Much Care

Their pals reveal that although there are several lads in opposition political parties that have landed in trouble, the only person Nyanzi cares about most is Musiri and whenever he is arrested, she is always the first to ensure that he gets police bond  or court bail.

She cares about him so much that one night she threatened to sleep at the Police if Musiri is not released. This has left many of the people in their circles wondering whether this is coincidence or she just has too much care for the lad.

Sources close to the two intimated to this website that Musiri is always welcome at Nyanzi’s crib and knows despite being a ‘new broom’, he knows all the corners therein.

It should be noted that Dr. Nyanzi, who is Research Fellow at  Makerere University, is 46 years old while Musiri is in his early twenties, according to their pals, although the age disparity is nothing but a number to them.

David Musiri with Nyanzi and family at her home

However, it is said that their closeness suffered a glitch recently after Musiri decided to endorse Nyanzi’s opponent Shamim Malende who is also contesting on NUP ticket for the Kampala Woman MP seat.

But Nyanzi was quick to come out with  a statement on social media in which she made it clear that despite their political difference, she is still tight with the man she loves.

“My lover is also running for MP; so, I think the intensity of the political season needs him to be loyal to NUP. It’s like I’m competing with his political party and its members, and I am too good for that. We are currently not in a good place. I am not entertaining anyone who is supporting my opponent over me.” Nyanzi wrote on social media.

Nyanzi, has a set of twins and a daughter, separated with the father of her three children only identified as Osman, a Gambian, several years ago after she realised that he was a homosexual.

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