‘Stop Asking Me For New Music’-Nwagi Bellows At Fans As Suspension From Swangz  Avenue Bites

‘Stop Asking Me For New Music’-Nwagi Bellows At Fans As Suspension From Swangz  Avenue Bites

By Ivan Mwine

  Bootylicious singer Winnie Nakanwagi   popularly known as Winnie Nwagi seems to be heavily depressed and in a very melancholic mood these days.

Nwagi is so disturbed that   she doesn’t even want her fans to ask her for new songs,  yet every musician in their normal senses would be looking up to that every day of their life.


The bummy singer expressed her depression publicly after she took to her social media platforms on Tuesday and  ranted thus in capital letters; “STOP ASKING  ME FOR NEW MUSIC. NAGWAAMU”

‘Nagwaamu’ is a vernacular word that can be loosely translated to mean ‘I lost form’.

Well, although it is not yet clear whether Nwagi really meant her word, truth is that it has been long since the singer who is signed to Swangz Avenue released a new song.

Actually, Nwagi last released a song in October 2021 titled ‘Ssasi Ku Nyama’ and since then she has not outed any new projects.

But it should be recalled that a few days ago we revealed on this website how word had filtered in that Nwagi’s bosses at Swangz Avenue to wit Benon Mugumbya and Julius Kyazze  had reportedly  suspended her over  alleged indiscipline.

Read:  https: https://www.exposeduganda.com/bootylicious-winnie-nwagi-in-bitter-split-with-swangz-avenue-boss/

Moles now reveal that it is because of the said suspension that the Swangz Avenue bosses have ensured that she doesn’t go to studio to release any more music until she apologizes.

Winnie Nwagi snubbed the unveiling ceremony for Zafarani

As if to add salt to the injury, the Swangz Avenue bosses went ahead and signed up a new artiste identified as Josephine Nakanyonyi aka Zafarani, whom Moles intimate is likely to replace Nwagi.

Indeed, the Moles reveal that Swagz Avenue bosses are currently working out modalities of releasing Zafarani’s new song which will officially introduce her to Uganda’s professional music industry.

It should be noted that  Nwagi did not attend official unveiling ceremony for Zafarani which was held at the Swangz Avenue offices in Muyenga, although her counterpart Azawi was there, a further indication of the rift between her and the Swangz  bosses.


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