Stop Body-shaming Police Officers-AIGP Kasingye Barks

Stop Body-shaming Police Officers-AIGP Kasingye Barks

By Ivan Mwine

Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Asan Kasingye has lashed out at Ugandans who have a habit of exposing police officers who are overweighted.

Kasingye’s fury was sparked off by some Ugandans on Twitter, who shared a picture of a yet to be identified Uganda Police officer, who seems to be overweighted.
The heavy-set police officer

The said picture which has since gone viral on social media depicts a bully police officer with a giganomous belly, a spectacle which left many Tweeps wondering how the Officer executes his duties with such weight.

However, according to Kasingye, this is body-shaming and he has blasted whoever is behind this kind of behaviour by asserting that all people are created by God and should not be offended or ridiculed for who ams what they are.

“Stop body-shaming your fellow human beings. He’s perfect in the eyes of his creator,” Kasingye said on twitter, adding;

“Don’t ever think your body is the perfect one desired by God. Everyone is beautiful in the eyes of the Father. Now, it’s not too late for you to go to church.”

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