‘Stop Lying, Accept That Your Show Flopped’- Nwagi Fires Back At UK Promoter Mama Africa

‘Stop Lying, Accept That Your Show Flopped’- Nwagi Fires Back At UK Promoter Mama Africa

By Ivan Mwine

There is a bitter war raging on between celebrated musician Winnie Nakanwagi aka Nwagi and a little-known events promoter based in the United Kingdom (UK) identified as Riziki Aisa Mama Africa.

Our Moles in the U.K reveal that the war between them started last weekend, when Nwagi and Fik Fameica flew to London, where they had been hired to perform at an event called ‘The Summer Fest’, which was held at the Royal Regency Hotel.


However, the said event, which had been organised by Mama Africa flopped badly, perhaps due to poor publicity and promotion.



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But we are told that what annoyed Mama Africa so much was that after leaving her flopped show which was on Saturday, Nwagi and Fik Fameica on Sunday went for an event dubbed the Chill n Grill Festival In the Park, which was held at the Berwick Manor Hotel and was a huge success.

Moles reveal that whereas Mama Africa’s show flopped badly, the Chill n Grill Festival completely sold out, something that left her seething with anger.

Following the development, Mama Africa has since launched an attack against Nwagi, accusing her of intentionally making her show flop such that she could rush to the Chill n Grill Festival.

Mama Africa has since threatened to contact authorities seeking to secure a ban against Nwagi and Fik Fameica, such that they are never allowed to perform in the UK again, over what she terms as breach of contract.

However,  Nwagi has since come out to trash Mama Africa’s allegations by assuring her to speak the truth instead of peddling lies about her and what happened.

Speaking during a phone interview with Sanyuka TV on Tuesday, Nwagi, who denies performing at the Chill And Grill Festival said that; “Mama Africa or whatever you call yourself,   stop lying and speak the truth. Your show flopped because of poor organisation and promoting. And for your own information I did not perform at any other show after performing at yours because the contract I signed with you clearly stipulated that.”

About being banned from performing in the UK, Nwagi, who says she has a right to hang out with friends and have fun whenever she travels to the UK, laughed off Mama Africa’s threats by assuring her to go ahead.

“I hear you want to want to get me banned from performing in the UK again, please you can go ahead and contact your lawyers, we also have lawyers and know the law,” Nwagi said.

Nwagi goes ahead to blast Mama Africa for booking a very cheap and rugged hotel for her and Fik Fameica when she hired them to perform in the UK.

However, Mama Africa contends that Swangz Avenue has refund the money she spent on Nwagi, which includes paying a fine at the hotel because she (Nwagi and Fik) smoked weed from there, yet it is illegal to do so.

Mama Africa claims she spent 50,000 Pounds on Nwagi and now wants Swangz Avenue to refund 60,000 Pounds  (over 296M) as expenses she incurred as a result of the saga.


Eyewitness Account

Meanwhile, a source who is  privy to the saga and is well-versed with whatever transpired has since reached out to us on condition of anonymity and narrated what exactly happened.

Here is what they said;

“The flop of the show begun from the organiser herself Rizik Aisha. She runs her promotion under Mama Africa Restaurant in London, which used to be owned by a Nigerian.

Initially she had contacted Nina Roz and Daddy Andre to perform at her show but they pulled out shortly after accepting the deal over some disagreements.

She then zeroed on Hajji Haruna Mubiru and Gravity Omuttujju.

However, she decided to Winnie Nwagi and Fik Fameica because she wanted to secure visas in time since it is easier for those who have travelled to UK before to acquire visas than first-time travelers.

But even then, the visas delayed to come through.

They got the visas three days to the show and this was what affected her promotion, because most of the people in UK could not buy tickets in advance

The visa issuance from South Africa where the UK visa agency operates were announced four days to the show, which greatly affected the promotion.

The passports and or visas later reached Kampala  to enable the musicians to arrange travel tickets two days to the show.

However, Mubiru and Gravity dropped out at the last moment, on grounds that they had not been paid fully and couldn’t travel on short notice

But since Nwagi’s bosses at Swangz Avenue always get  full pay every time they sign a contract with a client, she was booked on a plane on Friday evening so as that she could reach London on Saturday and perform  without resting or even a chance to have a meet and greet moment with  revellers.

On the other hand, Fik Fameica only got £1000 pounds in advance and was to get the balance, £2000 pounds on reaching UK  so he decided to board.

However, even then , he didn’t get paid the balance and left the UK very disgruntled.

All in all, the delay forced many people to cancel the booked tables after learning that Mubiru and Gravity were not going to perform, yet Nwagi and Fameica had performed in the UK just a few months back.

That’s the main reason why the turn- up was very low, so Mama Africa has herself to blame instead of faulting Nwagi and Fameica for whatever happened.

Anyways, the saga is still going on and Nwagi has since returned to Uganda, so all you have to do is watch this space for updates about this fracas!



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