‘Stop  Pressuring Me For Marriage’- Ntale Tells Fans

‘Stop Pressuring Me For Marriage’- Ntale Tells Fans


By Norman Isaac Mwambazi

Petite singer Nina Kankunda aka Nina Roz on Friday introduced her fiancé singer/songwriter/producer Andrew Ojambo alias Daddy Andre at a scientific event of sorts.

Hundreds of fans, fellow musicians, including Andre’s ex-lover Angella Katatumba, congratulated the couple upon legalising their bonking sessions, although they could not stop calling out other female musicians to follow into Nina’s footsteps, who showed them what they call these days being ‘mature.’


One such musician that has been called out to get married even before this year ends is the sweet-voiced singer and guitarist Irene Ntale.

Ntale has been called out to show the public the dude she is sharing her ‘Sukaali’ with, and she seems to be tired of it.

Over the weekend, she used her congratulatory message to Nina and Daddy Andre to tell fans that her time will come and that they should stop putting her on pressure for marriage.

“I’m definitely so happy for Nina and Andre. But you guys stop putting pressure on me, my turn will come,” Ntale shared on Twitter.

Ntale is one of the few musicians who have managed to keep their relationships away from the public for as long as they have been public figures, although we cannot surely wait for her time to come.


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